How to Make Money on Valentine’s Day

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Ah, romance is in the air whether you’re planning to spend it at home, out with friends, or with your significant other. For some, it means spending money on gifts, flowers, chocolates, rings, and food. For others, it’s a time to make some money from the holiday. Here are my top tips for making money on Valentine’s Day.

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Offer a service

Many people are either planning a dinner party or eating at home as a couple or family. Regardless, offer dinner party services or a romantic dinner to those looking forward to avoiding the kitchen on Valentine’s Day. 

To be profitable, make sure you price well per guest, according to the type of service you’re offering (family-style vs plated meals), and add in the cost of groceries. People will be celebrating all weekend so make sure you book yourself for each day, including Valentine’s Day itself.

Another great service to offer is babysitting or pet sitting so parents of all sorts can go out and leave the house.

Deliver food and gifts

This is especially important if you are already a driver for Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, or Instacart. People will be ordering delivering and needing rides so sign up and get onto these platforms well in advance of the holiday.

Alternatively, you could approach a local florist or gift shop and see if you can work out delivery compensation to help them make their deliveries on that special day.

Sing a song

If you’ve got a great singing voice, hire yourself out to serenade a couple or that special someone. Bonus points if you also play guitar and can provide musical accompaniment.


While couples are out and about, break out your musical instrument and play for tips. Check with your locality about licensing (no sense in getting busted by the cops) and get together your setlist for the evening.

Make greeting cards

If you’ve got a way with words and design, offer to make greeting cards for people. Make sure to purchase high-quality stock paper to print at home.

Offer photoshoots

It’s time to dust off the camera and offer couples a photoshoot ahead of the holiday. You can also offer this to families and sell gift certificates for your photography services. This is easy to undercharge so make sure you price for profitability.

Make gift baskets

Just like greeting cards, you can make and sell gift baskets to make money on Valentine’s Day. Skip the kiosk at the mall (which is expensive to operate) and offer custom gift baskets to friends and neighbors. To be profitable, keep the cost of materials low but fill the basket with high-quality items.

Sell Valentine’s Day printables

Whether you sell them on your own website or through a place like Etsy, you can make money on Valentine’s Day with printables for adults and children. You can create these in Canva or even programs like PowerPoint. You can even give it a religious angle to appeal to people of faith celebrating the holiday or covering it in their houses of worship.

Create a local Valentine’s Day experience bundle

Last year my husband and I took advantage of a great local bundle I heard about on the radio. In our town, you could pay one price and get to see a drive-in movie, dinner at a local restaurant, and some other goodies (including coupons to local shops). It was a great experience and we had a choice of restaurants. You can also put something like that together. Just get the buy-in from local restaurants and shops to offer your customers the best deal so that they don’t have to stress about planning Valentine’s Day.

So there you have it – 8 ways to make money on Valentine’s Day. Whether you are also celebrating the day, it’s nice to be able to make money while providing people with a great experience and serving them.

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